The Ugandan American Partnership Organization
The Ugandan American Partnership Organization(The UAPO)
The UAPO is a non-profit organization founded to actively participate in Uganda’s development through sustainable partnerships that bring Americans and Ugandans together to engage, collaborate, and learn. We are working with The UAPO to develop an outreach campaign that gives directly back to the women and communities featured in the film.

Development in Gardening (DIG)
Development in Gardening (DIG)
DIG’s mission is to improve the nutrition and health of HIV-affected and at-risk populations through sustainable gardening. They accomplish this by training people in agriculture and nutrition and providing resources to create projects that empower communities to meet their own needs. Development in Gardening was responsible for putting Ansley and Rafe in touch with the women featured in this film. We will continue to work with them to ensure that communities world wide are able to improve the health of individuals through gardens as well as build capacity of gardeners as local resources for information, education, and replication of garden projects.